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Thread: Shooting rights/vermin control

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    Shooting rights/vermin control

    I'm looking for vermin shooting; deer down to rabbits. I'm happy to buy shooting rights for deer. It's just for me, nobody else will shoot it. I hold an open FAC licence. I live in oxford and will happily consider anywhere within about 1-2 hours drive. Or within the Herefordshire area. I'm fully insured and have shot for over 20 years. I hold a DSC 1 and shoot at Bisley. I have my own quad and pickup truck. References can be provided.


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    Vermin shooting

    Hi. I live in Oxfordshire and am looking for vermin shooting, anything from deer to rabbits. I'm happy to pay for the deer rights. The shooting is for me only. I have a FAC open ticket for over 20 years. I have my Dsc 1 and shoot at Bisley. Ideally anywhere Upto about 2 hours from Oxford, or hereford area. I can supply references and have my own quad bike. I am fully insured. Happy to discuss.


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