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Thread: Wind Turbine Rent

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    Re: Wind Turbine Rent

    Quote Originally Posted by Farmer Brown View Post
    "Thats a huge rent. Equates to 800,000 for 20 years without RPI. Really are you sure. Must be a good site.

    It's a reasonable rent but not a huge rent (if we are talking about a single turbine, if it is a large wind farm then it is a better rent).

    But if it is a single turbine we are talking about a big unit (prob over 120m tall) and you can get around 40k a year for a single 500kW turbine on a gross %age rent if you have the right site and you've picked the right developer. Mind you there are some people who are getting nowhere near that because they signed up too quick.
    A 500Kw Turbine will not be anywhere near 120 Metres Tall, they are usally around 70 - 80 Metre Tip Height

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    Farmer Brown

    Re: Wind Turbine Rent

    bad paragraphing caused by typing on a phone... now corrected.

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    Re: Wind Turbine Rent

    What are folks being offered now the dust has settled for various sizes?

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    Re: Wind Turbine Rent

    One of our partners is around 10k for a 100kW turbine

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