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Thread: Upsidaisy cow lifter

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    Upsidaisy cow lifter

    Iv seen these advertised in America any body got one and are they any good? And anybody selling them this side of the pond?

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    Re: Upsidaisy cow lifter

    I have just found this.

    If it works as well as the video shows and is only used as shown, it seems that all other
    methods could be redundant. I have only just realised that in most cases
    of downer cows, it is the rear end that is faulty, not the front end, and that other
    lifters that lift the front end as well as the back are more of a hindrance than a help.

    But this method doesn't impede the front end, and allows the cow to stand on her
    front legs.

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    Re: Upsidaisy cow lifter

    just watched the video of the OP's lifter and discovered it is different to Bslickers.......the one we use is that one....Upsi version looks pretty good to me....and easier on the cow.

    Yep, can borrow one when needed. Works well, would agree with the front strap, and the padding, easy to end up with sores after repeated use.
    Never used anything else for a few years, they can be tricky to get correct tightness, enough to lift but not hurt / damage the cow, her instinct as soon as lifted is to use the front legs to run for it.
    The one we use is a locally made copy.
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