Hi Guys, we grow seed and ware potatoes commercially on our farm, 2 years ago we experimented with baby salad potatoes (Perline, Gwenne, Jester) and next year we plan to grow 50ac of them. Last year we tried 3-in-a-bed planting (GB330) on a 1.8m bed - it didn't work out, we have stony and shaley land, the bed stuck together after some moderate rain and we harvested both the potatoes and the stone at the slowest speed imaginable. The two row potatoes (GB215) were much easier to harvest and subsequently grade. Strangely, our side by side yield digs showed no increase in yield from 3-in-a-bed (planted @ 15cm apart) to two row (planted @ 13cm apart).

We are currently looking into quad planting on a two row system, does anyone have an experience or advice about the use of a quad system on cups with baby salad potatoes compared to that of a conventional two row system? As regards machinery choice, yield comparison, field management?

All advice appreciated!