Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum so hi to everyone. My dad owns a Ford 2600 with a Fritzmeier cab, he bought this tractor new in 1977/1979 and it has been on our farm ever since. It had engine trouble in the 80's so we replaced the engine with a new 4630 engine, so it has good power now.
I'm hoping to restore the tractor in the near future and I'm looking for some advice.
I would like to fit some additional parts to the tractor in order to improve it. But I'd like to find out if these parts will fit before I buy them.
I would like to fit a twin double acting spool valve, front weights and carrier(I think that the ones from the Ford 2000\3000 will fit), power steering and a set of steps that were fitted to some Ford 3600's
I'm trying to buy these parts before I start the project, I've seen some spool valves for sale here in Ireland from breakers but I'm unsure if they will fit in place of the standard tipper valve.
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Regards Padraic.