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Thread: MF6480 squeaking cabmounts

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    MF6480 squeaking cabmounts

    Had to look at the squeaky front cab mounts on the 6480 when it had its service this week. The two spacer tubes with a foam coating easily wear through the foam layer and then there is steel-to-steel rubbing along with the squeaking.

    This time it was modification time. The RH side is easy to get apart but the LH side needs the cab steps coming off, a steel trim plate and then you have to work through the little bit of room on top of the main fuel tank. Once apart I removed what was left of the foam on the spacer tubes (M12 sets go through the tubes into the underside of the cab floor) The original plan was to use some blue poly water pipe but this had to big a bore but after hunting around I found a length of 1" black alkathene - this was a better fit but being low density it was thick walled and a bit oversize.

    To overcome the thickness problem I mounted enough pipe onto an offcut of 25mm shaft so that it would hold the pipe true in the lathe chuck where I turned the outer diameter down and parred of the required lengths, these pushed onto the old spacer tubes and then it was just a matter of refitting- easier said than done on the LH side

    Heres a "special tool"! Never throw old sockets and spanners away. Here I knocked up a 15/16" combination ring with a 1/2" drive socket welded on to allow access to the tricky bolts on the LH cab bracket. Sort of bespoke obstruction wrench!

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    Re: MF6480 squeaking cabmounts

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