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Thread: 50 Kw Price Jan 12 PV

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    Re: 50 Kw Price Jan 12 PV

    I was quoted just under 90,000 for 50kW REC sales guy going on about mono and multi but I have no idea plus showed me that they are number one on the photon list???

    Any advice would be appreciated


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    R Wornham

    Re: 50 Kw Price Jan 12 PV

    Up and running 14/2/12 at yesterdays production it looks like 566 years before it pays for itself (it was only a third turned on and at 4:00 pm) today looks like we will be down below a 100 years to pay for its way. Newley infected "METERITIST". robert

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    R Wornham

    Re: 50 Kw Price Jan 12 PV

    Quote Originally Posted by R Wornham View Post
    Supplier has started fitting today 30/1/12 ended up on 1425/Kw no extended warranties Sma 17000 inverters Suntech or Canadian solar 230-245 watt crystalline panels
    35 days into production and we are averaging 86.89% of expected daily average for the whole year so nearly happy

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