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Thread: Sheep Bloat help please

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    Sheep Bloat help please

    Had an in lamb ewe get into an apple orchard a couple of weeks back. found her massively bloated but still alert. vets have tried tubing the gas out along with medicine to try and break down a potentially frothy bloat. they are out of ideas and she is still very bloated. anyone seen this before? any ideas?

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    Re: Sheep Bloat help please

    CARBO VEG! Other words charcoal. Found one of my fat Dorset down ewes on her back and gave her a home remedy of carbo veg and weak brandy every few minutes. After about 10 minutes she started farting. Half an hour later she was walking, wobbly, to get away from me. I kept dosing her for another 2 hours (I spoil my animals) every 10 minutes until i knew that she was fine! I also treat the "zoo" here homeopathically. Down to 13 sheep and 1 VERY spoilt suckler cow with a stunning calf that will be in the freezer in a couple of years time!

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    Re: Sheep Bloat help please

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    Try baking soda +warm water + cooking oil @ 1:1:4. Otherwise, buy a canula online, and pierce the sheep's side. Best check all this with a competent vet. Good luck!
    I think your best bet is to go speak to a vet. I've read that mixture before and it's certainly worth a try. Definitely need to get them farting!

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