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Thread: JCB Fastrac Power issues

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    JCB Fastrac Power issues

    Currently have a power issue with a Fastrac 1115s, it's really sluggish on the road and dies on hills even when it's empty. Tractor pumps out no black smoke when you 'boot' it no matter how much stick you give it.
    Read a post on here a while back about the seals inside the diaphram on the fuel pump breaking resulting in a loss of pressure however the pump that's on it (Lucas) looks different to the ones I've seen off pictures, and there's no diaphram on the side or top of the pump.
    If anyone can shed any light and point me in the right direction it would be appreciated, thanks!

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    Re: JCB Fastrac Power issues

    On some models of fastrac there's a small plastic pipe or on other models possibly steel pipe that comes from the inlet manifold to the injector pump that gets the pump to deliver the necessary fuel for the extra air. I recall it rubbing into hole on something on one resulting in no power. It was an easy fix. If not that check you haven't got a blockage in the fuel tank or a faulty cap vent. It'll likely be something basic, I had to get a few injector pumps overhauled in the day that wore and lost power too as they didn't seem very durable. Fortunately there are no fastracs around here any more___which is no bad thing as in my opinion they were the work of the devil or some very suspect individuals.

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