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Thread: Drain mapping app

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    Drain mapping app

    Does anyone know of an app for iPhones etc which can be used to mark out drains in a field using gps mapping etc?

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    Re: Drain mapping app

    I dont think you will find one, the problem for a start is that phone based GPS is only accurate to about 9ft I gather, so not that good when you want to accurately map drains. I have been looking for a better GPS locator but think need too be military or surveyor grade and therefore bloody expensive.

    I have been trying to sort something for ages as nothing worse than knowing drain there somewhere but not know where, the only thing I have found is, as and when you sort something out eg find drain junction and rod it/jet it. Take as many measurements as you can from something that wont move and a load of pictures with landmarks in them to give you drain line and direction as well as rough location. Then write it all down and do a plan, over time you can get a picture of how they go in a field and fill in missing info.

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    Re: Drain mapping app

    If I may add to this topic, have a look on Google Earth and use the clock to go back in time to a dry time when drains can sometimes be seen. The attached photo is a GE 2006 view (allegedly !!) of a field that was actually drained in 1963. You can use the measuring tool on GE to measure from various places and that's quite accurate. Then of course once you start to investigate across the line with the digger you will invariably see the non-conforing soil types in the trench line.
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    Re: Drain mapping app

    Farmworks did have an app called Scout which I used, but required integration with desktop software to be of any real use. I understand that this has been replaced by Trimble's Ag Iphone app. Although free it requires connection to their "connected farm" online service to be of any meaningful use. I have used the farmworks system for plotting drains for quite a few years, it gets you close enough so that you can find the drain, especially useful for tying in new drains to an existing system.

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