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    Fordson Major

    Hi-I can't get the plate off that holds the filter on the rear differential. I've taken the plate off that has the drain plug in and removed 8 bolts from the larger plate, 4 I think hold the filter on, the filter moves freely, the other 4 secure the plate. The plate is free at the front but apart from a 1/8 inch gap at the rear won't budge despite hammering in a bolster to try to dislodge it, almost seems as though there's a grub screw or similar holding it but I can't see anything. Any advice will be gratefully received, regards, Andy

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    Re: Fordson Major

    You should only be removing the four bolts that hold the small plate with the drain plug on.The filter should be accessible then.It's a while since I was in there on my P Major but am nearly sure that next plate won't come off until you pull the PTO shaft out of the back.If you are only wanting the filter out(which is a washable gauze),only the small plate needs to come off.

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    Re: Fordson Major

    Gently with a small screwdriver prise the gauze out , as agrimax said no need to take the whole thing off , pic of washing mine
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