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Thread: Mf 20 brake back plates

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    Declan Mac carthy

    Mf 20 brake back plates new to this site.very interesting articles.
    can anyone guide me in the right direction to locating a pair of brake back plates for an industrial or good second hand.the back plates I need are different to the standard 35 because it has dual brakes.i have tried my local Mf supplier and Mf industrial supplier but they said they are no longer available.i think the back plates are the same as the mf20 industrial and 135 restoration has been stalled until I can get some to get it rolling again.Thanks.

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    Re: Mf 20 brake back plates

    The above appears to braking a 203. I wonder if they are the same/similar?

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    Declan Mac carthy

    Re: Mf 20 brake back plates

    Ordered them today after years trying to source a pair.Have to say Ron Greets was very helpful and obliging .Much appreciated. Thanks.

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