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Thread: Feeding Fodder Beet

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    Feeding Fodder Beet

    We never seem to get it right.

    We sprinkle some beet out in the field amongst the ewes and lambs. If we don't put too much out, they are OK. But if we overdo it slightly, then one or two seem to gorge themselves on it and end with serious wind and dihorrea sometimes on their backs.

    Would it be better to give them far too much, so that they get sick of it and so eat less rather than bingeing on it. Some people round here seem to put a heap in the field, and sheep seem fine. Not sure I want to risk it though.

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    Re: Feeding Fodder Beet

    Feed more less often.

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    Re: Feeding Fodder Beet

    Quote Originally Posted by Dexter View Post
    Feed more less often.
    +1 Much like feeding anything else, if they run out then they can gorge on any palatable feed.

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