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Thread: Cheap 'milk bar' calf feeder

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    Cheap 'milk bar' calf feeder

    Been thinking about this for a while....the calf topic has got me on it again.

    Has anyone built their own multi teat, trailed milk bar type calf feeder? I really like the idea of feeding up to fifty calves in one go out in a paddock but can no way afford the 2k price tag.

    Anyone got any ideas on how this might be done? Ie suitable tanks, teats etc.

    I like the idea of a plastic tank with peach teats screwed in all the way round but would need a tank with a domed base so milk ran to the out side so it emptied properly? I have thought about a bog standard plastic tank on a chassis with a long board running either side with lots of teats on....the only way this could work would be with the teats being fed by tubes, how long a tube will calves be able to suck milk through?

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    Re: Cheap 'milk bar' calf feeder

    problem with teats straight into drum there is no control, ie you cant stop them drinking
    i would suggust a ring of say 4 inch pipe with teats screwed into it n fed from an ibc
    then you can shut the tap at any time n move on to the next group

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    Re: Cheap 'milk bar' calf feeder

    Stick an IBC on wheels/skids and drill holes for the teats?

    EDIT: like the idea of the above. Plumb big ring of pipe into the tap and fix around the outside and attach teats into this. Open/close as usual.

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    Re: Cheap 'milk bar' calf feeder

    Its not only the size of hole ,but the the guage of plastic as well for the rubber to seal.

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    Re: Cheap 'milk bar' calf feeder

    we put a a feeder each side of quad trailer 200 litre can in the trailer and a puimp to puimp milk out into the feeders. milkbar do feeders up to 18 teats so you could feed 36 calves. no photo cause we have stop outside rearing as calves were getting pinched out of field, but do go out after weaning.

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