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Thread: Horn Up - De spudder

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    Horn Up - De spudder

    Has anyone used the Horn up de-spudder? are they any good? what are the results like? post pictures or pre and post de spudding and also pictures of older cattle that have been subject to the Horn up method!

    Does anyone have any other ways of despudding compared to the old fashioned hot iron/ paste?!?

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    Re: Horn Up - De spudder

    I never did like doing the injection for disbudding calves, one slip and it's in the eye. Never happened to me in the short time I done it but....

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    Re: Horn Up - De spudder

    Use a polled bull ?

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    Re: Horn Up - De spudder

    It's all about doing them at the right age when the buds are prominent but not too huge. Inject em, trim the hair and do it like you mean it.

    I would rather disbud a million calves than go castrating with a knife. Ring every time, anything else makes me cringe!

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