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    Anyone planting "Camelina" this spring. Has anyone grown it in the past,if so can you tell us the pro's and con's of growing it. A client,of my wife,( who is a farm secretary), is growing some,I had never heard of it.

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    Re: Camelina

    We plant some for a customer, the biggest problem is chemical availability, what little there is to use are by SOLAS only. The only pre-em option was Treflan which of course has been revoked, there are no broad leaf weed approved options, it will compete if it gets away well enough though, but if slow growing, weeds can be a real problem.

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    Re: Camelina

    We're growing a few acres as a trial as my brother in law is experimenting with an oil press.
    It's in a clean field, will do a couple of stale seedbeds and drill fairly late and hope for the best.

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    Re: Camelina

    as a brassicae it will stand most things put on rape

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    Re: Camelina

    Grown in Europe by Organic 'non-inversion tillage' farmers. Originally pressed for fuel but now sold as high value oil - cooking? Favoured over OSR as low input/high output.

    Would like to try it but need a market.

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