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Thread: Muck for straw agreement

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    Muck for straw agreement

    Had a muck for straw agreement with a neighbour for many years now that has worked very well, the only problem being in the past the quantity of string and rubbish in the muck.

    However, this winter our neighbour has started using wood waste as well as straw, which consists of chipped pallets, chipboard etc. This is all mixed in with the straw muck and put together in his muck pile. Whilst collecting this muck it didn't look too bad but now the muck has been spread as you can see from picture attached, a lot of the wood waste hasn't decomposed and is lying on the surface in the field.
    Will it use more nitrogen while it's decomposing?
    Could there be any heavy metal toxicity etc from paint on the wood or cause any other problems Vs using just straw muck alone?

    Ideal situation would be to have all my own straw back having been used for bedding, but that would mean make him keep it separately.

    Has anyone any experience of using this wood waste? What should I do about the quantities of rubbish, have already picked up 3 bags full, with the bale string seeming to wrap round bearings on discs etc and eventually getting that tight it pops them off!

    (By the way we don't plough any of the muck in, it is left on the top then min tilled.)

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    Re: Muck for straw agreement

    I have the same situation.

    I am not keen on the woodchip but I don't think its too big a problem - the soil will take it eventually.

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    Big Vern

    Re: Muck for straw agreement

    might be worth having a word with him, afterall you are providing him with clean straw not a load of old tosh..
    does he use the "rest" of his own muck himself.. sounds like you are getting a load of shite back (if you'll pardon the pun)
    if you are getting that much string and plastic in it speak to him about that as well, after all its costing you money to remove it and put bearings right etc..

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    honest john

    Re: Muck for straw agreement

    I wouldnt worry about the wood. But the string you should speak to him on that.

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