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Thread: Broadband scam

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    Broadband scam

    We keep getting phone calls from people who claim to be BT offering to increase our broadband speed. They insist on needing access either to a PC or a laptop. Presumably it is in order to gain access to your computer. Very obvious I know but they are very believable.
    Eventually they can get through to some vulnerable people, I know of one old lady who fell for the bank scam, so easily done.
    Jack Caley

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    Re: Broadband scam

    Quote Originally Posted by Geoffrey View Post
    Yes is terrible, it is worth reporting it to BT they have a department who try and shut these down, i actually sometimes have a bit of fun with them and play along like i dont know what i`m doing, at least gives them less time to con the others
    On this side of the pond, I have been getting a lot of "robo calls" lately but if you get an actual person on the line, try saying "I really want to talk to you - can you hold for a second?", put the phone down and go about your business until you hear "beep beep beep".

    They hate it when you "waste their time"

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    Re: Broadband scam

    Try " thanks for calling but your colleague sorted it for me last week"
    No he didn't
    "Yes he did"
    No he didn't....
    "Yes he did"..........and I'm really pleased with it.......
    Can you ring my friend and help him.........his number is +44 1661 872 555.....

    Well thats the number for my local police force if you want to call 101 from abroad.

    Your local Number is easily found with a bit of googling "contact police non urgent phone call"

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