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Thread: Reseed failure

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    Reseed failure

    I put 10 acres of grass in on the 18 October by strip seeding into a grass field. The field had been sprayed with roundup and everything seemed ok.
    At the moment about an acre is poor and 9 acres are virtually bare.

    A couple of neighbours have similar problems. Various guesses are fritfly, slugs, not rolled after seeding (my neighbour did however and his is as bad as mine)too dry conditions (yet the driest part of the field is the best).

    I did 12 acres a couple of weeks before and that is good but was ploughed and power harrowed and another patch was done a lot later and that has come best of all!!

    How have your autumn reseeds gone?

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    Re: Reseed failure

    Ours is fine, went in end Sept after fallow, took ages to come up due to lack of water but got there eventually. Rain today will do it a world of good. We need to reseed our main pp grazing field this year though so I have been reading up and I gather that if you drill too soon after spraying off (inc strips) then you may get a failure. This is not due to the glyphosate itself but due to acids released by the decaying vegetation - much worse if an old thick mat rather than a young ley. Could this be the problem? Liming helps as it alleviates the acids. Most recommendations if an old sward seem to be spray in spring, drill in autumn or vice versa to avoid this.

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    Re: Reseed failure

    Fritfly is the usual thing round here and we always end up spraying any reseed.

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    Re: Reseed failure

    Did some very old matted pp last year, RUP then drilled next day, with vaderstad, where we had a rain afterwards ( early) it came beautifully, later , no rain. Failed.
    I know some one who has done over a thousand acres like this in sw Scotland, no probs, but plenty of moisture.
    When it works well there is not too much loss of grazing, and drilling into the old sward helps to compete with the inevitable weeds, once the old sward has died you are opening up the opportunity for weeds to germinate and establish.

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    Re: Reseed failure

    That would be very late for sowing here in an average year, but last autumn was exceptionally kind so that may not be the only reason it failed to get away.
    Leatherjacket and slugs would be a worry.
    You could probably just harrow it over quite lightly and sow again this spring with no problems.

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    Re: Reseed failure

    I have ordered some westerwolds to make the best of a bad job so i have a crop this year and then will look at reseeding in the autumn. Not sure if I need to spray for fritfly in the spring. My seed supplier says westerwolds get going very quickly so they aren't affected with pests as much.

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