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Thread: Power harrow/ Rotovator

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    Power harrow/ Rotovator

    Looking for either a power harrow or rotovator to be used on a piece of land we are reclaiming something old would be good please tel 07740865146 with any offers Thank you

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    Re: Power harrow/ Rotovator

    They are two entirely different machines but each have their respective place in the cultivation arsenal. If you are breaking up virgin-like ground then it's a rotavator, you won't do a power harrow any good at all sticking it into ground that hasn't been disturbed for decades. And the rotavator needs to have "L" shaped blades fitted. But a rotavator is a dry-time tool. If you use it when it's wet you will "trowel" (i.e. smear badly) at the depth that you are working at. That just stops any drainage, worm activity, or micro-organisms from doing their job.

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