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Thread: Feed canopy height

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    Feed canopy height

    Putting up new cubicle shed and not sure what height to have feed canopy. Dont use a diet feeder / tub feeder at the moment but want to leave it high enough as plan to get one down the line. Also wanted to leave it high enough for a silage trailer to pass under.

    Also what are your comments on ventilation- spaced sheeting or a canopy. Will the spaced sheeting let much water in and wet the cubicles.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Feed canopy height

    13 ft for canopy, no side sheeting, I would actually put a canopy all round instead of side sheeting but Im thinking for a beef side of things.

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    Agri Design

    Re: Feed canopy height

    As I said in the fans for cows thread
    The ridge outlet is key to shed ventilation. It should be possible to get it working well with out any fans. Multi span shed are more challenging but the same applies. (this is when spaced roof sheets are good)

    While the shed is stocked most of the rain stays out due to the hot air rising, The cubicles will get wet from time to time but it will be worse when the shed is empty. This is all dependant on the correct fitting of the sheeting.

    I have software to calculate the requirements. ie opening sizes on the outlet and inlet. The inlet is best if it is spread evenly from wall head to eaves.

    If you want to chat about your requirements give me a pm or call.
    01290 555776

    A canopy can be good for protecting feed from rain, it is however very dependant on how sheltered you site is, the prevailing wind direction, the size and height of it.

    This is a protected open ridge. This is one of the best ridge options, if sized and fitted correctly. see attached. also canopy pic

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    Re: Feed canopy height

    Put the canopy 20FT min you just dont know what you will be 10 years .Just seen a shed 27ft to the eaves as he said" height is cheap "full of cattle and straw plenty of fresh air for them.

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    robbie c

    Re: Feed canopy height

    we have 20ft eves,side sheeted down about 6ft and then the canopy, about 13ft ground clearance, roughly 12ft of an overhang, easy to remove if we ever decide to build another shed the oppisite side

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