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Thread: Anti-Frackers

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    With Ryedale being on the protest trail recently it's interesting to note that the ever more imaginative attempts to scare the locals have mainly resulted in substantial drop in votes for those opposed and gains for those in favour.

    It's ironic that the principal argument that the area will be 'spoiled' and unattractive to tourist trade is actual a problem the protesters are making themselves - though I doubt anyone has been put off yet.
    Some of their antics already have been well out of order e.g. blockading staff in a gas site which isn't even involved with the site where fracking is to be trialed.
    As usual it's a small vocal shouty group who have the audacity to claim backing of the majority of locals.
    This is not the case but few dare stand up to them as they are more than willing to intimidate anyone who does.

    A certain councillor at nearby Pickering is encouraging boycotts and social media intimidation/threats towards local firms which supply the drilling company with products such as fuel and spare parts.
    How can you deal with this degree of zealous self-righteousness.

    The area has had gas wells and on site micro power generation for decades.
    The industry has an exemplary record, contributing significantly to the local economy year round.
    Once installed the sites are discrete and only take a small plot.

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    Re: Anti-Frackers

    Yep , beware if the zealots up here get their way, the 40 mph limit that has been created around a local village here, will be eventually joined up with you in Ryedale.
    After a lengthy campaign they have acquired the use of a Portable Citizens speed camera......averaging three days a week at the moment, strangely the locals seem uninterested in volunteering for duties, luckily the White Settler Zealots have stepped up to the mark!
    Where would we be without them!

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    Re: Anti-Frackers

    4wd - conventional drilling for oil / NG and Hydrolic fracking are about as close as letting a long, juicy beer fart in church and pi$$ing into the wind - completely different processes.

    with the current techniques of of fracking, they dump a whole bunch of chemicals into the ground to lubricate the plates then set off an explosion to create a mini earth quake. once this is done, they pump what parts of the chemical water wants to easily come out and put it in a tailings pond so the chemicals can evaporate into the atmosphere.

    hope you don't live down-wind of the taillings pond.

    BTW, I have never heard of any research to determine the "saturation point" of lubricating the plates where any little seismic activity magnified by the well lubed plates.

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