Hi, I hope this is of interest to anyone thinking of installing a domestic biomass log or pellet boiler.

I work for an electrical company called AC Gold. We used to install biomass boilers, but are focusing back on electrical installation and solar PV, so we have a stock of biomass boilers which we are selling off at discount. If you know of anyone who is thinking of installing a biomass boiler in their house or workshed etc, I think we could offer them a great deal.

Most of the stock is high-quality Swedish made Varmebaronen log and pellet boilers (20 kW - 45 kW range), pellet burners and buffer tanks. Some of the log boilers can also burn pellets when fitted with the Viking bio pellet burner. We also have a couple of Italian Palazzetti pellet stoves (which have a visible flame, more like a traditional fire). All stock is MCS accredited so can qualify for UK RHI payments.

The stock can be viewed at acgoldenergy.co.uk/sale, or you can call 01786 849 099 if you have any questions.