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Thread: IH Handbrake 574, 84, 85 etc Series

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    IH Handbrake 574, 84, 85 etc Series

    Had a go at doing our 574 handbrake through the side. Read up what I could find on the net, so thought I would do some notes for next time and maybe help someone else.
    Quite a bit of what I figured out was trial and error and learned the hard way. Please add anything you think would help. It wasn't easy and you need patience.
    I did read somewhere you can cut the actuator rod to help removal but these are no longer available and you would have to get one from a Wrecker.

    IH Handbrake Band 574, 84, 85 etc. Series

    Replacing handbrake (HB) band through side PTO clutch cover plate.
    Remove RH wheel and step.
    Drain oil from middle and rear drain bungs.
    Remove cover plate drive out pin, pull 1000 PTO shaft out back and remove clutch pack.
    Slacken HB cable off.
    Remove PTO actuator clevis.
    Try to bend tails of top cotter pin towards straight with fingers. Small screwdriver held in fingers may help. If you need to hold clevis pin from rotating pull HB on. If you canít rotate it (it has spring pressure on it) remove clevis pin on outside to disconnect cable, unbolt HB pivot and jack out bottom of pivot about 5mm. This will make top clevis pin free, to rotate, to remove and install (take spring pressure off pin). Then rotate clevis pin so head of cotter pin is facing to the right, maybe pointing up a bit and push it as far right as it will go. Then put a probe (dentists tool is good) through head and pull out then remove clevis pin.

    Main pivot pin - remove this second. To remove cotter pin straighten tails with a big long screwdriver then pull out with hooked piece of wire. Remove pivot pin.
    Remove actuator rod out of pivot and remove pivot and spring.
    Rotate band clockwise and forward, knock out pin to split, pull over shaft then out hole.
    Donít move the HB drum forward on shaft Ė no purpose in doing this Ė you canít get your left hand up to work on top pin.
    Give drum a bit of a sand up.

    Use a longer cotter pin on the top pin. I put a 5mm long piece of heat shrink up by head to make it easier to get something through hole for removal. Longer pin also makes it easier to spread tails. You can work out what you are going to do on the bench. Wouldnít risk using a R clip.
    Sit pivot in place, then put main pivot pin in first, then spring, then actuator rod. By jacking out bottom of pivot you can get top clevis pin in easily, then if you need to hold it from rotating you can attach HB cable so you can spread cotter pin a little bit with fingers etc.

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    Re: IH Handbrake 574, 84, 85 etc Series

    Pretty good description & you've probably done the job now ?
    I did dozens this way & used to grind or file a small nick in the head of the top clevis pin, this nick needs to be inline with the cotter pin hole, it's helps greatly in knowing exactly where the hole is in the pin.

    Also you can grind or turn a bigger taper on the end of larger pivot pin, this makes life easier in getting it back in.

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