On Today Programme the true situation is beginning to appear in the post Brexit debate!
An Oxford economist who it would seem is advising Michael Gove in the post Brexit system of farm support said farmers were addicted to subsidies. He also said the 3 billion that farmers get is only the tip of the iceberg. He said farmers paid less tax on diesel for their farm vehicles, did not pay business rate tax(agreed), got better capital tax relief(disputed, what about entrepreneurs tax relief?)
It is a sad fact that when the subsidy system changed from production related , it left the industry open to huge criticism, , a lot of it justified, especially in the case of huge landowners money for merely owning land. I was always against the present system of payment, and I have been proved right big time.Farmers are now amongst the most despised of citizens, largely due to the lack of understanding of the overall picture.UK farmers are going to find themselves in competition with farmers in europe and the rest of the world. This was pointed out very ably by Guy Smith, who in my opinion is a star, and a true asset to the farming industry. Even he, though, was not able to point out all the inaccuracies put out by Peter Helm the economist.
Guy Smith has one helluva job in putting a balanced, responsible view to the public, we should support him somehow.
Jack Caley