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Thread: Fiat 880 - are they good

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    Fiat 880 - are they good

    Hello, I've started to help out on a farm and now it's time for me to get a tractor of my own. Is a fiat 880 dt any good? What are they worth and apart from the ussual rust any fiat has what are the main problems?

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    Re: Fiat 880 - are they good

    They were a good simple reliable tractor in their day apart from severe rust problems which usually didn't stop them working. I'd be suspicious of anything that looks tidy these days unless it was imported from somewhere dry like the sahara. You may find it difficult to get a fridge magnet to adhere anywhere. The problem with restoration jobs is that they turn back to a flake bar in no time especially if parked outdoors. I did a bit of work at them in the day and the main things that went as far as I recall were hydraulic pumps (easy change on the side of the engine) and the clutch cable and three point linkage cables which were glorified bicycle cables. Engines were very good but I'd doubt the viability of repairing one now at the price of parts. Ceramic clutch lasted well but wasn't cheap to replace. Unless ones very tidy I'd stick with a perkins powered Massey as they're cheaper to fix if they go wrong which something that age likely will at some point. The gearbox had a separate (gear) oil reservoir from the backend and it was common for them to develop a small leak from the gearbox which was never being checked and be driven to destruction through ignorance. Synchros can wear out too after a hard life. All things that would be big dough to pay someone to put right these days. If you could pick up a really, really tidy one I'd say maybe 3k but I doubt such exists anything else 1000-1500 so you can afford to park it in the nettles if anything major fails.

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