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Thread: Spring beans with Claydon questions

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    Spring beans with Claydon questions

    I'm going to try some spring beans for the first time (15 acres )so have a couple of questions

    Ground is a medium/clay loam, was in long term grass, sprayed off & Sumo trio'd last back end, will be sprayed off again pre drill

    Drill is Claydon SR

    What sort of seed rates should I be looking at?

    What depth shall I put the seed?

    Should I rake or roll after?

    What sort of yield could I expect from a decent crop?


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    Re: Spring beans with Claydon questions

    Evening Phil,

    No experience with a claydon but plenty with spring beans. I have found 35 seeds on my heavy ground is plenty and a few more on the lighter ground so maybe 40-45. Mine went in 2 weeks ago at 3-4 inches deep. If the ground is slotted then a rake will benefit as the rooks won't know where to dig, they will follow the slots like a slug. If it looks like yours normally does there will be no benefit. I like to roll as the pea and bean weevil seems worse in a rougher seedbed, after the 30mm rain post drilling this year mine are left unrolled.

    Yield? Worst 35cwt, best 3 tonne, average somewhere about 2.25.

    What variety have you chosen?

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    Re: Spring beans with Claydon questions

    Hi Mark thanks for the info,

    Variety is Fuego.....any good?

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    Re: Spring beans with Claydon questions

    Plenty of Fuego grown, personally when it came down to it the merchants always preferred my Nile so I stopped growing fuego as the acreage one year was too small for two varieties. (Got 3 this year as I am trying some new ones) Fuego has the edge on mildew resistance, they're a good bean for human consumption that will yield well. They will still sell well enough if you manage to keep the bruchids out.

    Good luck with them.

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    Re: Spring beans with Claydon questions

    Feugo area very good variety

    drill 235kg/ha

    we never roll them - rolling can be a big mistake for beans on our land

    wil do very well behind the Claydon a long as you get some rain at flowering

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