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Thread: grants for putting up sheds

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    grants for putting up sheds

    We have recently been placed in a catchment sensitive area for our local river, apparantly we can apply for a grant to roof over areas to help seperate rainwater from dirty water.
    Was thinking about applying to put a roof over our silage clamp, has anyone successfully received a grant for this,how hard was it to apply and how much grant can you get from them ?


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    Re: grants for putting up sheds

    Application not hard, but talk to your local catchment sensative farming, officer. (it increases the chance of getting a grant) Not done a silage pit, but covered a handling area this year, and a feed area a couple of years back.

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    Re: grants for putting up sheds

    Quote Originally Posted by protherofitzgibbon View Post
    Are you on the ribble catchment? I have had 3 sucesfull applications doubt I will get another but will try,very easy to apply,10k max grant from csf.
    Yes ribble catchment. Have sent off for application pack and will give
    the catchment sensitive officer a ring next week and see what he says!

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