Never thought I would end up in Iceland nor be taking a few agricultural snaps but 2 weeks ago it was time to fly to Reykjavik and meet up with my 15 european
co-winners of Continental Tyres 2017 draw whose prize was a 6 day Icelandic Land Rover driving Experience.

After staying overnight at our first hotel on the edge of the harbour the following morning we set off in six 3 month old German registered Discoveries in convoy with lead and tail defender 110's all in radio contact. For the next 4 days we would drive most of the time on tracks across the Icelandic highlands and National Parks stopping each night in a new hotel. As we drove our guide gave us inside info about Iceland and the scenery we were driving through, lunch would be a quick sandwich with driving shared between us from 9am to 7-8pm.

It was a great unexpected experience (I bought some Continental tyres online from Mytyres, part of Delticom, part of Conti for a van at work and ticked the box when offered the free draw!) and here are some of the photos, most taken on the fly, some with difficulty seeing as our Discovery had a fair crack in the windscreen!