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Thread: grass to barley

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    grass to barley

    is it possible or wise to simply spray off( with glyphosphate) an old grass ley and direct drill spring barley.
    Would it be better to spray and break up the old turf by some means

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    Devon James

    Re: grass to barley

    Thanks for asking this question as I in the same position.

    After the success of dd wheat into old permenant grass, we have a bit of barley to do.

    Dont know if barley will be as successful?

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    Re: grass to barley

    seems to work for us, if a small seed like a brassica can work there's no reason why barley shouldn't.

    We tend to spray & drill 2 weeks later.

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    Re: grass to barley

    mate of mine dose alot of it sprays off with roundup and granstar as soon as it's finshed being grazed leaves it then comes back in with a touch up spray drilling crops .. dose both feed barley or seed oats that way .. drill he uses T boot drill base fert spread with bulk spreader puts on the whole lot pre drilling

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