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Thread: AC bamlett finger bar mower

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    AC bamlett finger bar mower

    Hi all
    I am currently in the midst of restoring an old land driven bamlett finger bar mower that has been sat for quite a few years. I have managed to get most of it apart and fixed the bits that require fixing. The next issue is what colour it should be painted, I want to paint it as close as possible to the original colour, which I believe is a shade of red and maybe cream / yellow. If anyone knows what the paint codes should be or where best to get the correct colour print from that would be great. Thanks in advance Gilly

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    Re: AC bamlett finger bar mower

    There are a few on google images which might be the correct colours.
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    Re: AC bamlett finger bar mower

    I have looked on Google images and yes there is a few but it's not very easy to decide what shade of red would be best.

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