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Thread: Dairy farmers in Devon and Cornwall

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    Dairy farmers in Devon and Cornwall

    Calling all dairy farmers in Devon and Cornwall.

    Would you be happy to undertake a questionnaire exploring the views of dairy stakeholders on the present dairy industry and your expectations of its future following Brexit?

    I am a Masters student at the University of the West of England looking for participants to undertake a questionnaire for my dissertation project. The only requirement to complete this questionnaire is that you are a dairy farmer/ dairy farm labourer in Devon or Cornwall. All responses are important no matter what you knowledge/views on the subject.

    This questionnaire should take around 30 minutes to complete, however if you are short on time just answer the starred questions (this should take around 10-15 minutes). If possible, please provide detailed responses (as this will help with my analysis of replies).

    This survey uses an anonymous link so all responses will remain completely anonymous and all data will be held confidentially.

    I would be hugely grateful for any responses given!

    If happy to undertake the questionnaire please follow the link below:

    All responses need to be completed by 5th November, when this questionnaire will close.

    Thanks in advance and feel free to ask me any questions!


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    Re: Dairy farmers in Devon and Cornwall

    My name is Anouk, I am a highschool student in Amsterdam, and grand-daughter of a Herefordshire farmer. I am working on an economics project about UK farmers and Brexit. I really need UK farmers' help to collect some basic data, to complete my project. Thank you, for taking the time to help me with a very short survey. All responses are anonymous and will only be used by me in my school project and will be deleted after analysis.
    At the end of the survey this software will ask for your e-mail, please do not fill in. Thank you.
    Please click on the link below:

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