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Thread: best basic system

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    Re: best basic system

    Comes with suction mount and power lead.
    Built in antenna, so very easy to move between tractors.

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    Re: best basic system

    Back in stock.

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    Re: best basic system

    Quote Originally Posted by jpd View Post
    looked at a patchwork go
    impressive and easy to use piece of kit
    retails here at 2200
    ez 250 priced at 1500 with ordinary antenna
    good price for it
    topcon 110 priced at 1900
    leica mini priced at 1200 plus vat
    what do the experts think?
    patchwork seems to be the latest technology but is reflected in price
    I would suggest getting something which can be upgraded to do autosteer / autosection functions, its something you might never use but the next person might. For the sake of a couple of hundred quid at this point it may mean not investing a couple of thousand later for a whole new head unit....Oh and choose a system which has steering at this point in time out working on farm, not something which is coming. In Ireland the topcon units retail very competitively.


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    Re: best basic system

    what price +auto steer

    regards clogs

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    Re: best basic system

    Auto steer for steer ready tractors from 8k for basic egnos
    Auto steer for non steer ready from 11k for egnos
    I cover your area for Topcon, pm me for more info or speak to to TNS rep for prices as they are my dealer for your area

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