I have been lurking hear for a while, now I have came across a problem Iím stuck with.

I have a bit of an odd ball tractor, itís a international 248 industrial tractor and about 8 year ago I threw the big compressor away that was on the back and fitted the gearbox top plate and hitch from a 574. Up until now the conversion has worked faultlessly.

Yesterday I went to knock some posts in, hitched the post knocker up without problem, drove to the field and the hitch wasnít behaving properly and the hydraulics seemed to have lost power.

I can get the hitch to lift but it will only go down very very slow unless I pull the draft control lever all the way back and push it forward nearly all the way to the bottom ware there is a spot ware it will lower. Also the draft control lever has gone realy stiff to operate.

So I took the seal out and removed the inspection cover and found that if I push the lingage inside it will lower properly.

Before I pull the top plate off, is there anything I should be checking