At the moment have no where to work on machinery inside (at least properly) Have a workshop already but it only has a small door (actually its upstairs in a barn but accessible from ground level as the ground is sloping and is built into bank).

I am thinking of erecting a lean-to against this building. The wall is over 3m high and 6-7m long

Can dig down and under pin wall as there is plenty of slope for drainage to give extra height.

So thinking along the lines of 4m x 6m (maybe 7m) floor. Basically all this would be is a place to work on machinery, tools etc would be kept where they are now.

Not sure about planning permission though?, there is a house about 25 meters away which is unoccupied at the moment, but I am hoping to get away with it??

Also what about the floor, what depth of concrete? and should i make it dead level or have a very slight slope?

planning green box profile on the roof and sides with 2 or 3 high block wall round the bottom. timber frame. What would be the minimum drop of roof on a 4m span?

I know its not very big, but its basically all i can come up with as i live on the edge of a very small village. Some day I might build a better place.

attaching a plan more for an idea than anything else.

comments welcome.