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Thread: JCB JS130 Error Code 131 and 130

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    Post JCB JS130 Error Code 131 and 130

    I have recently bought a 2010 JCB jS130. I have a problem I cant get the engine to start the I have the two error codes 130 and 131 coming up. Just wondering if anyone could help me with this??

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    Re: JCB JS130 Error Code 131 and 130

    Take a look at the fuel cut off solenoid.
    Front of the engine on the injector pump there is a red cable that comes to the solenoid mounted on the bukhead beside the filters, ( inside the door where the hydraulic pump is.
    It goes under the exhaust, the exhaust has a habit of corroding through above the cable and cooking it.
    Your error code rings a bell.

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