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Thread: Ram libido

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    Ram libido

    After purchasing a ram lamb jointly, at sale in north of scotland, we brought ram home, put him with sheep, and the ram never performed, he wasnt even interested, he has never jumped on any of our ewes, we noticed on about day 10 of being out, that he wasnt interested, we contacted vendor, he wasnt very co-operative, we contacted mart, and they tried to get vendor to co-operate! We returned the ram to vendor, unknown to us, he took ram to an AI centre, where he allegedly jumped and served a teaser ewe and produced a viable sample! Dosent alter the fact that we have no ewes in lamb to him! We didnt buy him, to bring the ewes inside to be served! Any guidance or tips on this matter would be helpfull, we had the ram inspected by 2 different vets, and they couldnt find anything wrong!

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    Re: Ram libido

    It's hard to give advice without knowing any of the parties involved. The breeder should maybe have offered a replacement tup, or maybe he thinks you're 'at it' (trying to get your money back after the ewes are served).
    I'm not accusing you of that, just looking at it objectively. Can you get them scanned to back up your case or have you put another tup out?
    Is he insured? I got paid out on a bull once who lost his libido even though he was technically still fertile.
    Was it a breed society sale? If so it might be worth speaking to them.

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    Re: Ram libido

    Taken from the terms at breed sales that I buy from.
    j) Rams and Ram Lambs:
    All rams, including ram lambs, are warranted by the seller to be capable of natural and effective service within 100 days of the Sale. If at the expiration of the warranty period a ram is proven incapable of natural and effective service and within 14 days of the expiration of the warranty period a Veterinary Certificate is lodged with the Official Auctioneers confirming:
    i) The ram is incapable of performing a natural effective service;
    ii) The Veterinary Surgeon has inspected the Purchaserís ewes and found them to be in normal, responsible breeding condition; then the Purchaser may return the animal to the Seller and be fully reimbursed.

    10 days for a ram lamb who is new to the job is not unknown, he needs a randy ewe to coach him.

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