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Thread: Where to place new shed?

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    always busy

    Where to place new shed?

    Would you rather dig 10ft into hill side or build up 5ft slope at low wet side of farm for a 160 x60 shed?

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    Re: Where to place new shed?

    Put it where you would most like it regardless of cutting and filling

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    Re: Where to place new shed?

    My last shed was on partly dug out and made up, wasn't sure about made up ground but my builder did it right, thin layers of our subsoil with a man on a roller working non stop.

    How about this for an idea, dig out for this shed and use the spoil to make up the slope for another in a few years or extra yard for bales or a bit more room.

    If this is a cattle shed would there be an option one day to dig a bit more for a silage pit, mate has one dug into a field off his yard, very simple and safe.

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    Re: Where to place new shed?

    If your making it up try and use clay and every few inchs you want to roll it ideally with a sheeps foot roller, rarer bits of kits but it makes a hell of a difference.

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    Re: Where to place new shed?

    Best place is top of the hill, cut into bank and water will find its way in although it is tradional to put shed in a hole

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