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Thread: what to do with land

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    what to do with land

    Hi All

    About to buy a house which has a 5 acre paddock (split own the middle) over the road from the house. Countryside location near hacking routes. I want to rent the land out,stable and water only. How much would people pay for this per week? what other expectations would people want/ expect...


    Rent our just the field what could I expect if offered out just for grazing pasture?


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    Re: what to do with land

    Is there anyone else in the area doing the same that you could ask? Otherwise you could pick the brains of a local auctioneer for ideas.

    Horsey folk (some of them) can sometimes be difficult to extract money from. My neighbour rents out stabling and his clients pay by direct debit 1st of every month. Hope this helps.
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