The latest soil science shows we can rebuild healthy soils through clever management of land. We know good management relies on good data. For farmers to act now we must be able to understand and monitor our own soils taking into account biology, physics and chemistry of the soils.

Sectormentor for Soils is an app that helps farmers monitor the health of their soils. With the app itís easy to record observations out in the field and then analyse soil health back home on the computer. This is a chance to get down and dirty, to dig in, to smell, feel, touch your soils and see what they are made of. The app is created by farmers, for farmers, so itís simple to use and does just what we need, no faff.

The app works with a series of visual soil tests chosen in collaboration with the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association and soils advisor Niels Corfield. We also have a community forum where everyone can share their results and work together to understand how to improve soil health on our farms. We aim to enable farmers around the country to understand the health of their soils today and how they can improve soil health on their farm.

We have created a freely accessible soil test guide with all the details you need to do each test. You can also read case studies here of farmers already using the app including Ian Boyd, Rob Richmond, Fidelity Weston and others. Many of them are trying herbal leys, mob grazing, crop rotations, wildflower meadows and converting permanent pasture to improve soil health. Let us know if you are trying any of these and if Sectormentor for soils might be helpful for you!