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Thread: Lexion 770 GPS

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    Lexion 770 GPS

    Hi Guys

    Just wondering if you have to use the Claas installed GPS system, or if you can retrofit other GPS systems made by Topcon or Trimble.

    We run topcon x20 on our drill, and would like to be able to VRA mapping in the future based on data obtained from the combine.

    We have an Topcon base station, and our tractors run on topcon

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    Tom H

    Re: Lexion 770 GPS

    You can fit Topcon/Trimble but you will have to also fit a valve block too as the Claas one doesn't seem to like having a 3rd party work it! Another option is just add your RTK radio to Claas system and off you pop.

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    Re: Lexion 770 GPS

    It is possible to use a Agleader PaaDyme system with the existing hydraulic block.
    I'm not sure about other manufacturers stuff though!

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    Ross M

    Re: Lexion 770 GPS

    Claas use use a "Bang Bang" valve i believe, whilst Trimble likes the proportional valve. This makes for much smoother and responsive steering.

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    Re: Lexion 770 GPS

    You can fit Topcon x15 x20 or x30, works well

    You need ecu and valve to do it though - I have a used one that I would sell if your interested

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    Re: Lexion 770 GPS

    I think the earlier valves were a bang bang, but the new machines use a proportional unit. If not then with the Agleader ParaDyme it's possible to get a proportional response out of the factory valve! There are a few tweaks that can improve the standard factory settings.

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    Re: Lexion 770 GPS

    You may not need a steering valve change.
    Please call me to discuss further as i am off next week to fit a topcon radio to steer a Claas 770.

    Rob, 07788 292441

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