She's one of a batch bought in late December, lambed two dead lambs in late January, we think they were a bit early but the seller wasn't that sure of expected dates () so that's inconclusive! Lambs and cleanings taken for pm, only thing found was high levels of e-coli but she had got Zactran at the time and got Cyclosol afterwards so by the time the results came back everything had been covered anyway.

Got a replacement lamb which she is rearing well but she stays very dull, couldn't say she was ill but just looks subdued. Obviously as she wasn't here we don't know what they got or didn't get, however the rest of the batch are as healthy as trouts and those which have lambed after her have had good strong healthy lambs. Dung is firm but we've dosed her today with Levafas Diamond anyhow and we'll start in a couple of days with various mineral supplement to try and cover all possibilities there. She's been housed since mid-January, getting well made big bale silage (no mould!) and concentrates, she eats a bit but not mad keen like the others.

Any suggestions what else to look for?