Hi All. First post here. I bought a second hand case JX90 from an elderly neighbour recently. Very happy with it except for 1 small thing that is annoying me and I am not sure if its an issue or not. I have searched the user manual, asked the original owner and googled it but cannot find an answer. I would go to the main case dealer but I dont know how they will respond seen as I didn't buy from them.

The issue is, when i switch on the ignition it starts beeping but as soon as i start the engine the beeping stops. There are no warning lights or alarms displayed. At first I though it might be a safety alert, for example, the handbrake was not pulled or the tractor was in gear but its neither of these.

The strange thing is this beeping was not there when i test drove the tractor or on the morning i went to pick it up. It started later that day.