I acquired an ERF ES6 flatbed truck already fitted with a HIAB knuckle boom crane. I want to use this as a yard crane and I have removed the flatbed. In order to make the vehicle more easily maneuvered, I was considering shortening the chassis by 4 feet. The reason I want to go with 4 feet, is because I can do this very easily by deleting the centre section of the three part propshaft, thereby not needing the expense and bother of cutting/shutting/balancing of the prop. To go shorter still, I could delete two parts of the propshaft, but I would then have to relocate the fuel tank, the air reservoirs and sundry airbrake components.
My question is will a four foot reduction in wheelbase (from 18 feet to 14 feet), make for a noticeable improvement in maneuverability ?. Has anyone here any experience of this scenario.