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Thread: OSR sowing Knight Triple Press

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    OSR sowing Knight Triple Press

    I was wondering if anyone could give me the benefit of their experience or suggestions with the following.

    Last year we established our OSR with a Stocks air seeder on our 5.5m Knight Triple press and this worked fine, we had to remove a few tines to avoid sweeping but that was ok.

    This year our agronomist would prefer us to try and establish OSR without disturbing the entire width of the machine i.e rows about 480 wide with clean stubble in between in an effort to reduce the weed/Blackgrass burden. So we were thinking about removing all the Knight tines and trying some Tillso Sabre tines or similar about 12 in number going about 10 inches deep and sowing seed behind the leg. Straw is baled and the machine is pulled with Cat 95E
    1. Has anyone tried it
    2. Main concern is depth control as we do not have the front roller on the press
    3. Any other suggestions
    Thanks for any in advance for any thoughts.

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    walter melon

    Re: OSR sowing Knight Triple Press

    Will the tine brackets on the press take the strain off a subsoiler tine like the sabre?

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    Re: OSR sowing Knight Triple Press

    We did the same as you with our knight last year and like you are interested in the tillso legs but I think will try to put them on a free flow or subsoiler. So any info would be handy for me too, I have asked about them before but don't think there are many on here!

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