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Thread: RDS sprayer computer problem

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    RDS sprayer computer problem

    I put the sprayer on yesterday and when I switched the above computer on it just came up with a row of 8's.
    Any ideas on how to fix it? Could it be something simple like an internal battery? I don't think RDS support these any more, but I suppose David King would have a go.

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    mole catcher

    Re: RDS sprayer computer problem

    RDS usually very good with support on all products. I would give them a call. Plenty of those systems still working.

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    Re: RDS sprayer computer problem

    Good Afternoon Scrambler,

    You essentially have two options, there is an upgrade available to the latest version of the box in the PSi hardware or we can send you a ram chip (essentially a battery) to try and kick it back in to life.

    One thing to try before any of this is to carry out a factory reset on the box, switch it off, push and hold the bottom far left button and the bottom far right button. This should span the screen digits and then come up with CAL 1. This will have now reset the box to all factory settings so you will need to reprogram widths and speed settings etc.

    I've posted the below on here before so give us a call at RDS and ask to speak to Tim Greaves on 01453 733300.

    Quote from Previous Post:"If you want to try a ram chip give us a call and we will send you one for free. They are really easy to fit and may fix it.

    Please be aware however that there is a good chance that the instrument will fail again so if they want certainty they are best to update the instrument. Our update price means they get a discount of over 55% off the new Instrument and the certainty that their controller will work reliably for many years.

    Just call us and we will discuss the best option."

    Kind Regards,

    RDS Technology

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    Re: RDS sprayer computer problem

    Thank you for the prompt reply.

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    Re: RDS sprayer computer problem

    Isn't it great when you get clear concise help to solve a problem!
    I'm "refreshing" the running gear on an old Norton trailer and need various bits so rang Hunton Legg this morning, brilliant bloke knew exactly what was needed.

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