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    Binder Twine

    Any one know where i can get some, got 30 acres to cut this year so going to need a good few balls of it, i did have some from mole valley but it wasn't up to much bit on the thick side and not consistent thickness (i've been told poor quality??) either way if i'm going to buy enough to do 30 acres then it wants to be right. i'll put some pre harvest pics up as the drum, steamer and binder have all been serviced and ready to roll when the rain stops!

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    Re: Binder Twine

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    Re: Binder Twine

    Got 17 rolls of Trusstight No.2 Baler twine.
    not sure if binder twine is different

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    Re: Binder Twine

    if i recall binder twine is untreated and thinner than brick baler twine but i seem to think you can get round baler twine untreated thats thinner , used it for balage dose not efect plastic some guys use it in frosty areas on hay as no need to cut strings or take them off

    looking at the balls are the binder ones looser wraped

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    Re: Binder Twine

    Try ropes and twines on 01829 759103, found them on google, they seem to stock sisal binder twine.

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