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Thread: New holland controller

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    New holland controller

    If I remove the controller and receiver of my new holland after harvest can I put them in a (new)steering ready tractor?

    Do I have to had a blue on or will it fit into any colour .
    it will just be for cultivating so Will not need vary rate or controller functions

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    Re: New holland controller


    More details please.

    Model of tractor ( or is it a combine?) it's coming from, what actually are the parts numbers you want to move?

    What do you want to fit it onto?


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    Re: New holland controller

    It is a new new holland cx 8080

    Want to know what to put on my shopping list as a tractor is due change and want to demo thing this summer ( if we get one)

    As I will have a spare controller and receiver once we had finished combining was thinking about using them in the tractor which might or could influence the colour if there was a cost saving and the compatibility

    Just in the planning stage I have several J d on steering and on vary rate p k N and seed but no nothing about the new holland system.

    Thank you for any information

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    Re: New holland controller


    1. The GPS receiver ( with a little bit of knowledge) can be made to work with pretty much anything.
    2. The "controller" I assume is a NAV2 ( rectangular, alloy casing with cables coming out the back). The "Gotcha" is that as this is from a CNH combine ( or tractor) it will probably only work with another CNH combine or tractor due to the special firmware that CNH loads on it.
    3. If you wanted to use this on a JD / Fendt / whatever let me know and we could help.
    4. When specing a tractor of any make ask for it to be made "autosteer ready". That's all you need. Depending on the tractor you choose you may or may not need other bits and pieces but they can be added after purchase.


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    Re: New holland controller

    I was talking to a mate at the weekend who works for a NH dealer and does the Guidance equipment for them, he said that, the firmware that the navcon uses is specifically designed to control CNH designed equipment (valves, manifold, etc.) and therefore optimized for the use with such machinery.
    He also said that compatibilty can be overcome, by using the Trimble AutoPilot kit and using the Trimble/NH FM750 and FM1000 screens, and you can use them on a combine that is AGR.
    You can use your current kit from your combine on either a NH or a CASE/IH tractor. I hope this helps with your choice.

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