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Thread: Could anyone help me with single farm payments advice?

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    Re: Could anyone help me with single farm payments advice?

    THAT company handled a planning application for me a few years ago. Never again! They cocked it up and I had to pay another 1500 to reapply as well as their "Professional Fees"
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    Re: Could anyone help me with single farm payments advice?

    Quote Originally Posted by moosic View Post
    Ok, this is worrying. What is the best course of action here?
    It seems clear to me that your agent is either incompetent, dishonest or possibly both.

    IMO you need to seek competent professional advice to sort this matter out. I could put you in touch with the guy i use if you wanted.

    And what exactly is he saying here? That they claim on unclaimed land and pocket the money?
    my guess would be that they pool unused entitlements and use them to claim on areas of land they believe are not being used in any other claim. Unused entitlements are lost now if you don't use them for one year. I've hear that agents can collect all the 'sweepings up' from claims that have had small areas removed from them and hence have a small amount of unused entitlements that aren't worth the owner transferring because of the fees, and using them themselves to make on claim using all the little unused bits in one lump.

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