Being retired and with a little more time than some of other forum members, I took it upon myself to complete the survey so graciously offered to the farming community by our friend Mr Gove and his cohorts.
Increasingly, as I went through the form I became more and more annoyed with the patronising, posturing content.
They say, never complete surveys, as the questions are always slanted towards the agenda of those creating the survey.
What really annoys me is the totally ignorant and bigoted attitude throughout. Mostly, it is about the removal of agricultural support and feeding it to the birds etc.
OK, it maybe is time to get rid of a system that is no longer fit for purpose, that is, paying huge amounts of money to a minority of wealthy people, thereby destroying farm structure and actually putting out of business the very backbone of an industry.
What the survey fails to realise is the tremendous benefit to the nation the investment in agriculture has been, ever since the 1947 Act, and onwards. The patronising part of it is that farmers are to be taught to be more efficient, and go back to school to learn new techniques.
The reality is what I have seen over the last 40 years or so.
Farmers, in coping with ever decreasing commodity prices, have to my mind, become ever more efficient and taken advantage of more and more science in food production. Agriculture is a far more dynamic industry than many of the other industries in this country, that have failed dismally.
As for all the so called environmental agencies who have had enough influence, for instance, to flood hugely fertile land, and instigate useless field boundaries, they really ought to be reminded of the days of food rationing, high food prices, and malnutrition.
Should anyonereally want to complete this useless survey, the closing date is May 8th I believe. We should complete it, even if it is crying in the wind, and preaching to the converted.
Good Luck!
Jack Caley